Mountain Springs Massage

Mountain Springs Massage

Revive the mind, body, and spirit!

Health & Wellness Spa

Therapeutic Massage - 60min. - $65.00

Massage symptoms
A traditional massage that is customized to your needs: typically a massage consisting of deep efflourage strokes with the added benefits of trigger point therapy, pin and stretch and assisted stretching.

A therapeutic massage is designed to target deep problem areas. This type of massage is most often recommended as the best treatment for those suffering from migraines, chronic neck pain, upper and lower back pain, auto accidents (whiplash) and other sports injuries.

Mama Massage - 60min. - $65.00

pre-natal massage
A specialized Swedish massage designed for mother's to be.

Decrease aches and pains associated with pregnancy, improve overall health and well-being for a healthier labor and newborn. Decrease swelling, stabilize hormones, decrease stress and increase relaxation!

Aromatherapy Massage - 60min. - $75.00

Lavender aromatherapy
Utilize the immense healing properties of essential oils by adding some to your massage.

Aromatherapy has been shown to have a wide assortment of health benefits from decreasing symptoms of depression to improving the immune system and overall creating a well-balanced and focused sense of well-being.

This massage includes: an essential oil of your choice blended into skin nourishing coconut oil, a heated back treatment, and a warm aromatherapy steam bath.

Cannabis Massage - 60min. - $30 Upgrade

cannabis massage
Dealing with chronic pain? Upgrade your massage to increase the healing benefits by adding in this specialized cannabis cream. With a light minty-fresh scent, and combined with the effects of juniper, arnica, and peppermint ease away your stress and pain with this soothing and relaxing massage. Includes heated pack for the back and hot towels. 

Cannabis oil has been shown to have immense medical benefits for those suffering from pain and chronic illness. CBD has analgesic properites, anti-inflammatory properties, and soothes the nervous system (promotes relaxation). In seizure patients it has been shown to rapidly decrease, and in some cases, stop seizures all together. Cannabis oil is also commonly used among cancer patients to decrease inflammation, promote greater blood and lymph circulation, decrease pain and depression, and speed the healing process!
(This product contains no THC but does contain CBD (cannabidiol) which is a lesser derived compound from THC. It has no inebriating effect (will not make you "high") and will not show up on drug screenings.)

Hot Stone Massage - 90min. - $135.00

Hot stone massage
A relaxing massage that utilizes smooth river rock stones heated to provide deep penetrating heat to soothe aching muscles. Not only is this massage simply wonderful but it also works to really break up adhesion's in overly hypertensive muscles. The heat allows the therapist to work deeper without creating undo strain upon your body thus resulting in greater therapeutic benefits. This is a perfect massage to give as a gift or to treat yourself too especially with the coming fall and winter months! 
Cut a little "me time" and allow yourself to melt into the relaxing bliss of a hot stone massage.  
*Includes aromatherapy of choice.

Massage Upgrades:

Sugar Foot Scrub: $10.00 - includes hot towels wrapped around feet and a hydrating butter cream.*

Sugar Hand Scrub: $10.00 - includes hot towels wrapped around hands and a hydrating butter cream. *

Sugar Back Scrub: $15.00 - includes hot towels laid across the back and a hydrating butter cream. *

Sugar Scrub Hands & Feet - $20.00

*Oil is made using high-grade Essential Oils and fractionated coconut oil. Please alert your therapist to any allergies before using essential oils or scrubs. Tree nuts are present in some product.

(*All massage times allot for a brief consultation, dressing and undressing, and payment processing. Hands on time falls within the 50-80 minute range.)