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Mountain Springs Massage

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Welcome to Mountain Springs Massage: where your health and well-being is my top priority!

Brooke Singler, LMT
         My name is Brooke and I am a licensed Massage therapist who has been practicing massage since 2011. I graduated from IntelliTec Medical Institute with an Associates degree in Occupational Studies in Massage Therapy and I am currently finishing my Bachelors in Psychology.

As a person who suffers from structural issues that result in back pain, sciatic pain, and sacral iliac joint dysfunction; I not only understand and appreciate the value and benefits of Massage therapy but I know and have experienced the results first hand. My own battles with pain have enabled me to become an effective and intuitive healer who will listen to your needs and work hard to alleviate your pain!

No one should live in discomfort or pain and it is my passion and mission to alleviate these issues and promote overall health and wellness through natural and holistic means. I specialize in medical massage with a focus on deep tissue, Neuromuscular techniques (NMT), trigger point therapy, and sports massage.

It is my goal to bring everyone affordable massage care that can become apart of your regular health regimen. But why stop there? I also offer the same relaxing spa luxuries you would seek from a high end spa; all for an affordable price!

Why Massage?

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Stress is the leading cause of disease and death in our country and what better way to reduce your stress through natural means than by massage? 

Massage is greatly beneficial for the body, it increases blood flow, which spreads oxygen and nutrients through the lymph and nervous system, revitalizing sore and damaged tissue, decreasing stress, tension and pain. 

Massage has been proven to aid in relief and recovery for: arthritis, migraines, 

chronic back pain, auto injuries, post operation recovery, depression, pre-natal and post-natal, fibromyalgia and sciatica!

Not to mention it simply feels wonderful!